Variable frequency drives for oil pumps. Nowadays a lot of attention is paid to the possibility of using variable frequency drives for pumps, and especially for main pumps at oil pumping stations.
The main advantages of the frequency control for main pumps are cost-effectiveness and smoothness of the regulation of pumping modes. Additional positive factors of application of a frequency-controlled drive are: reducing the number of switching-on. Number of shutdowns of main pumps is reduced and smooth regime of pumping is provided. It leads to a decrease of pressure waves in pipelines both in the transition from one process mode to another and reduces number of unstable process modes. Therefore, this increases: the residual resource of the main oil pipeline; reduces the risk of pipeline breaks and environmental pollution by pumping products; allows smoothly reduce the pressure at the outlets of intermediate oil pumping stations to the level of minimum pressures established by the technological parameters of the pipeline; allows eliminate throttling and partially abandon the use of interchangeable rotors at oil pumping stations.


Our TI120 variable frequency drives (VFD) provide the intelligence, performance, flexibility and safety for your crane applications. Wherever the cranes are installed, our global service and support is always near.

Crane types served:
Overhead cranes
Tower cranes
Grab cranes
Process cranes, including paper, metal and waste handling
Ship-to-shore (STS) container handling cranes
Rubber tyre gantry (RTG) cranes
Marine and offshore deck cranes
Stacker cranes
Construction elevators


Anywhere a motor is used on board is a great opportunity to save energy. Our marine certified variable frequency drives (VFD) regulate the speed and torque of motors so they run accurately according to the demand. From propulsion systems, thrusters, deck machinery, pumps, HVAC systems, to deck cranes, our medium and low voltage drives help you use fuel more efficiently and reduce maintenance needs. Our drives are also key elements of your shaft generators and offshore pipe-laying systems. We provide global support, life cycle services and strong application expertise to help you get the full benefit from our drives.