About Thinkvert

What is Thinkvert?

Thinkvert is a company focused on inverter(variable frequency drive) and other motion control products R&D, manufacturing, sales and application.


Why does Thinkvert make inverter?

Thinkvert mission is to continuously make high quality, multifunctional and easy to use inverter with honest price to let everyone in the world enjoy a better life through innovative technology so as to promote Chinese motion control industry healthy development.


What do we stand for?

Rejecting shortcut and opportunism. Continuously creating value for our customers. Let our staff proud and our customers satisfied with Thinkvert.

Generous people are often blessed with good luck. Always insist on good products will be proved by time.

LOGO meaning

Thinkvert combined “Think” and “inverter” means we always focus on inverter and keep thinking how to improve it. Thinkvert taking the world’s leading inverter brands as the goal of learning and transcending. Thinkvert listen to the voice of the customers and accept suggestions for improvement with humility.

Brief History of Our Company


The new generation of VFD TI120 series is released, the software performance is more powerful, the hardware design is more reasonable, and the quality of raw materials is better.


Fully implement new software solutions , product performance has been greatly improved, and development has entered a new phase


TI260 series won the honorary title of “high-tech products in Guangdong Province”, the company won the ” national high-tech enterprise” honorary title.


Thinkvert full range of product upgrades, 3 invention patents entered the actual review stage ; 11 utility model patents were authorized ; awarded the title of “Independent Innovation and Superior Technology Enterprise”.


0.75 – 500kw series inverters were put into production in batches , products passed CE certification and company passed ISO9001 certification.


Research and develop TI series variable frequency drive.


Thinkvert Technology Limited was established