Talent Concept

Talent is the most important asset of a company. Thinkvert respect talents and manage talents. Thinkvert committed to creating a humanized atmosphere, so that every employees can be professional, dedicated, happy. Thinkvert will developing together with all the employees to achieve a win-win future.


Career Development

We attach great importance to the growth of employees and career planning of employees. Thinkvert committed to providing employees with a good career development channel. Thinkvert designed dual promotion career development channel for the development of employees. 1 is develop as a manager, 2 is develop as a expert.


Salary Incentives

In order to attract, motivate and retain outstanding talents and achieve a win-win situation for both the company and the employees, Thinkvert provides employees with a competitive salary for external and fairness for internal.


Welfare Treatment

Thinkvert provides employees with statutory benefits such as pension (household, medical care, work injury, unemployment, birth), gold (housing fund), and also provides employees with a wealth of corporate benefits such as commercial insurance.

In order to let employees feel that the company is like a big family with harmonious atmosphere, Thinkvert cares about the work and life of its employees in various ways.

In order to ensure the healthy life and happy life of Thinkvert employees, the company provides intimate annual health checkups for employees; at the same time, it provides employees with a fixed place for a variety of physical exercise and entertainment activities.

In order to provide useful guidance and rapid growth in the work of employees, and to create a good atmosphere and cooperation, the company combines qualifications to create a comprehensive training program and team communication activities for employees.


Job Offers


Application Engineer: 3

Key Account Manager: 1

Domestic Sales Engineer: 3

Overseas Sales Engineer: 3

Project Supervisor: 2

PE Engineer: 1

Purchasing Specialist: 1

Senior Hardware Engineer: 2

Please send your resume to [email protected]. Thanks.